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Senior Software Engineer

Grzegorz Kudelski

about me

Software engineering professional responsible for designing, building, testing and supporting back-end Java software. Involved mostly in direct implementations of SAP Hybris based solutions for major brands. Versatile analyst with extensive background and full stack knowledge. Considers environment's limits, as well as, it's impact on application. Easily identifies customer needs and turns them into solution. Driven by challenges, new technologies and ability to bend their limits.

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Software Development
Web Services
Web Applications
Spring Framework

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Headless Ecommerce

Curious why ecommerce lost its head? Why you need headless ecommerce to stay competitive? A headless ecommerce architecture leverages the power of modularity to serve store owners with...

Ecommerce Trends

Ecommerce Trends 2018

An ecommerce framework or application that is stable and simple could be the difference in improving customer experience. Therefore, driving sales opportunities, increasing organisational agility, overall functionality and services offered to customers will be easier in the future. The ecommerce application you choose should be resilient enough and be able to adapt to changing B2B ecommerce trends.

Software Development

Empowering the CIO with an ecommerce evaluation

An ecommerce solution must correspond to the needs of your business and fulfill some of the basic requirements so that you get the best out of it.