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Napha Solimine

7 Years of Sly

7 Years of Sly

Celebrating 7 years of Sly AG, what an incredible journey it has been!

It has been another remarkable year for Sly AG. As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we reminisce about our journey with all its challenges and successes.

The year 2023 in particular, brought some ups and downs. Since we moved to our new office in November 2022, we hosted numerous apéros and exciting events, connected with corporate partners and cultivated our business contacts. To list just some of our extraordinary highlights: a new client base,  the successful start of our first complete webshop based on VELOX, and entering a new business area in document management and digitalization as ELO Business Partner.

In addition, Sly was able to participate at the «Startup Nights 2023». Startup Nights provides new connections in bringing together founders, investors, students, startup companies, corporations and more. There, we were given the opportunity to present VELOX, to challenge the concept and idea of it. The feedback we got from attendees was very inspiring. Additionally, it was an awesome networking event where we engaged in some really great talks and made important connections.

The Market

Although the situation around Corona calmed down at the end of 2022, the market situation at the beginning of 2023 was anything but easy. The large investments in IT, ecommerce and in stockpiling during Corona, as well as the new uncertainties caused by the war in Ukraine and other global tensions, led to reduced spending in ecommerce. This has not only affected us, but also the larger suppliers in particular. Fortunately, at least for us, the situation turned around in the second half of the year and we were able to start various new projects.

Our Growth

We consider ourselves fortunate that more and more companies believe in the quality of our products and services.

Here’s a look at the new clients who join us:


We were able to implement the backend for Sonepar's new delivery control system based on the VELOX microservice architecture. In addition, we operate their new cloud hosting setup on Azure.


At Cistec, we specialize in providing comprehensive TypeScript training,  coaching, and mentoring services tailored to the development team’s needs.

Nyffenegger Armaturen

Nyffenegger Armaturen is our very first client using the complete VELOX shop. Right now, we are in the middle of the implementation project and looking forward to keeping you updated in upcoming posts - don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn.

Updated products and services in 2023

Sly AG is now official ELO partner

As an official Partner for the ECM-Software ELO, we are your partner for complex and demanding solutions in the document digitizing process. We are specializing in developing challenging interfaces, tailored applications and ELO in cloud hosting. Click here: to learn more about ELO and our services.

VELOX - Two interesting projects

During the last year, we built a delivery control service system for Sonepar based solely on VELOX architecture. The project got nominated for the Best of Swiss Apps award. Thanks to Sonepar and the other partners for the great collaboration!

A huge milestone was the start of the implementation of the first complete webshop built on VELOX. Together with Nyffenegger Armaturen, we are reimplementing their B2B webshop and website. A huge thank you for believing in us and enabling us to build the first ecommerce solution with VELOX as a foundation!

More information on the current state and the roadmap can be found at:

Sly Connect V3

Sly Connect V3 introduces three new features: Decimal Format, Data Field, and Advanced Labeling.

  • Decimal Format: Allows users to handle various ways of writing decimal numbers (e.g., 1'000.00, 1,000.00) by selecting the correct decimal separator from a provided list. Enables complex transmission of decimal numbers, primarily for pricing purposes.
  • Data Field: Enhances document dates by automatically converting diverse date formats into a uniform one. Users can address ambiguous date formats by selecting from a list to ensure accuracy during configuration updates.
  • Advanced Labeling: Enables improved recognition of fields in complex PDF files by allowing users to select a consistent "header" description. Enhances identification even if field positions change between uploads.
  • Customizing: Sly Connect is a versatile SaaS solution but is also available for on-premise use. It can be highly adaptable for custom projects, automating various services from mail-to-order to internal processes.

If you are interested in our services or want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to collaborating with you! Sly website / Email us

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