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Import orders Directly from your Customers ERP.

Our smart parsing algorithm detects the format of your customers' PDF orders, saves the format for future use and automatically creates the order in your shop.


The numbers speak for themselVes

The numbers below reflect real world data and have been conducted with our pilot customer.


Of customers think digitalisation of the order-process is important.


Of ERP systems are able to send PDF orders via email.


Of customers are not using any
e-Procurement software for the digitalisation of their order process.

~2 min

Time it takes for a new customer to configure and save his import format for future use.

<10 sec

Time it takes for a customer to import future orders after the initial configuration.


Customisable look & feel, flawless integration into your online shop.


For Your Company And Your Customers

Learn how you and your customers benefit from our solution.

Your Company

Saves Time, Increases Customer Loyalty & Decreases Retention!

Reach the majority of customers, which are not yet ready for EDI or E-Procurement implementations. Customer loyalty and retention is valuable these days.

This is by far the easiest solution to bond your customers - Just by making things easier for them.


Your Customers

Save time by uploading your customer's ERP-generated orders

Finally, you can even offer your smaller customers an easy to use alternative to costly EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or E-Procurement implementations.

For now we support generated PDF orders of any ERP-format. Soon, support for XLS, CSV, IDoc, XML and even OCR for scanned image-format PDF's will be added.


Ways to Connect Your Customers

We designed, developed and battle-tested our solution in the real market.

Automated ERP File
Order Upload

AVailable Now!

Your customers can upload PDF, iDoc, CSV and Excel orders, generated by their ERP and save the parsing-format for future use. Bind your customers by making the order process as simple as possible for your customers.

Automated Email
Order Upload

Coming Soon!

85% of ERP-systems are able to send an Order via Email. Our tool detects the format and saves it for future use to make your and your customers lives easier.

Barcode Scanner
Order Automation

Coming Soon!

Enable your customers to easily put an order together by just scanning the right barcodes, placed at the right spots in their warehouses.

"Our customers are actively using this tool and we are impressed how easy it was to integrate.
It's a huge time-saver for us and our customers!"

— Ralf Werder

FAIR pricing for everyone

Select Your Plan

We designed, developed and battle-tested our solution in the real market.


CHF 200/m
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Up to 100 Transactions

Customizable UI

No long-term contract

Free Integration Support

eMail Integration

Scanner Integration

Custom Fields


CHF 525/m
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Up to 500 Transactions

Customizable UI

No long-term contract

Free Integration Support*

eMail Integration

Scanner Integration

Custom Fields


On Request
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500+ Transactions

Customizable UI

No long-term contract

Integration Support

eMail Integration

Scanner Integration

Custom Fields

*Free integration support up to 4 hours


Interested, But having questions?

Despite personally answering all your questions, we also offer custom quotes and free demos.


Frequent Questions

Find answers to the questions we get asked a lot.

How does it work?

  1. You integrate our SaaS software into your shop with only a few lines of code.

  2. The format of the first uploaded pdf or every user is analyzed and saved for future use.

  3. Your customers upload their PDF orders with lightning speed.

  4. The orders get automatically created in your shop system.

Which plan is right for me?

We will work with you to determine the optimal requirements for your order volumes Contact or email us at

How Do I Integrate this into my Online Shop?

We send you our integration guide and can assist your development team if wished. Your developers can easily integrate our tool with only a few lines of code.

Why is this so much cheaper than EDI or E-procurement?

You have zero integration costs, meaning you integrate it once and offer it to all your customers. No additional config or efforts needed. But the best of it all your customers can start using it right away, as they don't have to integrate/develop/setup anything!

How can you detect so many different order formats?

We implemented a "document-parser" and spiced it up with some artificial intelligence superpowers.

Still have questions? Contact us or email us at

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