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Headless E-Commerce Blog

Headless ecommerce development and implementation

Latest news

7 Years of Sly


Napha Solimine


January 18, 2024

It has been another remarkable year for Sly AG. As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we reminisce about our journey with all its challenges and successes

Sly Connect V3


Nicola Berger


November 23, 2023

Sly Connect was released in its third major release. Optimizations have been made to the algorithm, resulting in improved overall accuracy. However, along with the new release, there are also several exciting features, which we will describe in more detail.


9 Reasons to choose microservices



August 16, 2023

As a software design approach, microservice architecture involves constructing an extensive software application as a series of modular components. Components can be deployed independently and are designed to perform specific functions. Here are 9 reasons to choose microservices!

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