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Swiss Made Software

Swiss Made Software

swiss made software sly gmbh

The values of swiss made software?

The label committed to promoting the Swiss software industry on a national and international level. It stands for quality, reliability, and precision, with a focus on software development. The platform enlists your potential partner companies that fulfil the requirements of the label and embody an innovative, open, and flexible workplace in Switzerland.

swiss made software label

What is the swiss made software label about?

Their vision is to create a nationally and internationally recognized symbol for Swiss quality in software development.

They are on a mission to create a visible sign of commitment to Switzerland as a place to develop software. The quality label builds awareness of Switzerland's high standards in software development among developers, clients, and users.

Swiss made software member companies offer high-quality software development and are committed to Switzerland as a place to develop software, both as a company and as a concept.


The label in numbers

The label, founded in 2007 registered a significant growth of more than 300% in the past five years. These numbers further underline the leading role of the swiss engineering market in recent years! Today, about 650 companies are members of the swiss made software label. Which represents more than 12'000 employees and more than 700 products and services.

Developers working hard
Photographer: Tim van der Kuip | Source: Unsplash

Is Switzerland the new leader in quality software development?

Some examples of the leading role of Switzerland in the software development industry are international companies such as Google and IBM. They already have their research and development centres located in Switzerland for a while. And this is just the tipping point demonstrating the unique value of Switzerland as a leading location for quality software development. Some well-known examples of software developed in Switzerland are apps like Doodle, Threema, Scandit, or even Zattoo!

Swiss made. It works.

Sly GmbH - Swiss made at its core

Our founders have worked with all shoring approaches in the past 25 years. They started their career with local development teams, which worked out pretty well. As cost-efficiency was a major factor for some customers, they worked with many nearshore teams and built up several offshore teams.

Now, we completely went back to Swissness. Meanwhile, it is well known for many companies that quality is more important than hourly rates. Especially, when business-critical systems are involved!

So, we are proud to be the most recent member of the label. Here at Sly, we live the real values of Swissness by honouring quality, reliability, and precision in our work, day in day out. We stay competitive by constant innovation, openness, and flexibility. That is why we decided the seal is a perfect fit for us and our values.

Sly has much experience in the Swiss market and worked since the beginning with leading swiss eCommerce companies to fulfil their Software Architecture, Development, and Infrastructure needs. Our founders together boast more than 35 years of experience in building complex eCommerce systems and integrating them into complex, ever-changing technology landscapes.

If you want to experience this expertise yourself, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you. Or contact us via our website to learn more.

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