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Sly Connect - The Slim EDI Alternative for Webshops

Sly Connect - The Slim EDI Alternative for Webshops

Sly Connect simplifies PDF and CSV imports by extracting relevant data, allowing customers to efficiently and successfully reach the cart and checkout phases of the webshop. This is a convenient and efficient way of fulfilling orders for corporate clients. B2B clients require a quick and easy way to complete the checkout process. Sly Connect was developed specifically for these purposes.

What is EDI?

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the process of exchanging various digital documents between business partners. EDI approaches rely on standards, but allow a great variety of attributes to be added or customized.  

For example: In a fully integrated environment, the customer creates an order in his system which will be directly sent to the correct supplier without the need to visit the webshop or to send an email.

Benefits of using an EDI solution

In line with current EDI import procedures, Mukherjee (2007) reported that modern EDI offers several advantages, including:

  • Reduction in data entry errors
  • Shorter processing lifecycle
  • Electronic form of data
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Standardises means of communication
  • Automated data entry
  • Data validation

By automating these processes, companies reduce manual clerical work, simplify generic processes, and improve their productivity by using EDI automation as means to achieve this goal.

What is Sly Connect?

With Sly Connect, you can offer an alternative to costly EDI approaches to your clients. Sly Connect maps the purchase order (PDF, CSV, Excel) into a prefilled webshop cart, ready to order in the supplier's webshop with all required data. This simplifies the order process significantly and increases customer retention.

What Sly Connect Solves - Simplifying the Current EDI Approach

The current EDI approach, though dominant, is not so easy to implement.  Sly Connect is design to overcome some EDI disadvantages, such as:

  • EDI programs are difficult and expensive to implement. Since companies often have to coordinate with multiple partner companies that use different formats and documents, integrating EDI systems can be challenging. Partner companies need to find a setup that is compatible. Sly Connect overcomes this challenge by allowing customers to map data on the fly.
  • Various standards are being developed to ensure EDI documents are consistent across partners, but without consensus there can be issues with cross-compatibility.
  • Many large organizations require partner companies to utilize EDI, despite the fact that EDI systems are extremely expensive and out of reach for most small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Small companies may have difficulty acquiring and maintaining an EDI system compatible with those used by larger organizations when attempting to do business with large organizations.
  • By implementing Sly Connect, a webshop owner avoids costly onboarding of their clients by providing an easy to understand self-service solution and therefore reducing the data mapping efforts significantly.

Small to medium-sized enterprises can finally use a cost-effective way to generate orders from their PDFs and/or Excel spreadsheets without complicated and complex solutions!

Simply put: with Sly Connect you can streamline the ordering process by uploading your PDF or, CSV file, or Excel orders that are generated by your ERP system. You no longer need to comply with your partner's EDI system to add products to your cart. With your generated PDF, your data can be easily parsed and integrated into the cart without the need to comply with any standard whatsoever.

In summary, Sly Connect is a simple alternative to EDI integrations into webshops.  Contact us at the following anytime below: Sly Connect website.

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