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TecHUB - The Swiss IT Business Network

TecHUB - The Swiss IT Business Network

swiss business network

To strengthen small IT companies, freelancers and IT startups in Switzerland, we founded and successfully launched a Swiss business network called TecHUB Swiss. The main goal is to connect local IT businesses and encourage the exchange of know-how and experience and to enable local collaborations.

Core Advantages of the business network

  • Connect with trusted IT specialists in your area
  • Share knowledge and extend your skills
  • Extend or scale your team, to be able to tackle larger projects
  • Challenge your ideas in a trusted environment


Meanwhile, the network grows, and we continuously attract new members. We already have members with various expertise in the IT sector, such as:

  • Agile coaches
  • Security engineers
  • SAP consultants
  • DEVops engineers
  • Software providers
  • Software Developers & Architects

By now, we already have six company members and a growing number of individual members.

The Swiss IT Business Network

The network aims towards building a Swiss-based network of trusted IT professionals, consisting of freelancers and startups which are willing to help each other. Everyone is free to join as a company or an individual member, although the company membership comes with additional benefits.

Monthly meetups complemented with several special events throughout the year. We meet face-to-face whenever possible, at events and other excursions throughout the city. Every event has a host and members are encouraged to visit these meetings regularly.

In the short timeframe, already two projects have been initiated out of the network, which is a massive success for our members and the network itself.

How to Join

Currently, the membership is invitation-only. This allows us to ensure the quality of the association is unimpeded by new entrants if you are interested in joining the cause, head over to and send us your application.

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