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we are experts in Ecommerce

We are your Swiss Partners in ecommerce solutions, development, and consulting. Let's take our collaboration to the next level with "headless" ecommerce!

Ecommerce Consulting

Our 25 years of experience is to your advantage. We want to consult you and provide you insights that will lead you on the right path.

Our consulting practises are streamlined and organised. We provide documentation about our agreed path, and arrange next steps with you.

Ecommerce development

Skilled developers work with Sly to engineer the perfect ecommerce application for your needs. We adhere to standards and best practises.

We adhere to software standards, building applications in accordance with what you already understand and we collaborate with your team, or external partners using applications you already use. In addition, we provide a scrum master to help you deliver your goals.

Ecommerce Solutions

We will tailor a solution that effectively delivers reliable services to your customers. We create a strategic ecommerce solution together.

From consulting to drafting solutions, we want to find what possibilities are realistic and what you can achieve on your budget. We take a timely approach and a few meetings to get us on a path suitable for your ecommerce environment and budget.

Ecommerce Operations

Know your ecommerce environment with monitoring, stabilisation, performance enhancements. Our goal is that you become self-sufficient in your ecommerce endeavours, whilst fulfilling your operational goals.

We work with local partners and our development team to provide you: on-premise solutions, devOps support, monitoring, cost optimisation, SAAS, stability/performance availability, as well as operating and improving your entire ecommerce infrastructure.

Ecommerce Search

Search is an integral part of your ecommerce solution. We provide consulting and support to help you optimise your search applications.

Improving search usability, speed, and performance is critical in today's ecommerce environments. Applications need to be robust and performant in order to handle high volume search requests. We collaborate with you in order to improve your ecommerce search.

Ecommerce Marketing

Synergize your ecommerce solution with online marketing. We evaluate your SEO/SEM/SMO/SEA strategy and provide ways you can improve.

We provide SEO and SEM audits, keyword analysis, and competition analysis to identify your strong and weak points. We provide search visibility consultation, and help you figure out what to do about your SEO and SEM channels. We use standardised applications and tools to identify opportunities in your ecommerce service.

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