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VELOX Microservice

We believe that open and modern technology is the future of ecommerce. VELOX can be used to implement a full web-shop, extend an existing web-shop with integrations or single services or to migrate existing web-shops step by step to a modern microservices architecture.

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We have designed an open source headless ecommerce foundation from the ground up to suit today's demanding B2B ecommerce business requirements.Velox is more flexible, scalable and easier to adapt to your needs than traditional solutions.

Why reimplement the whole solution, every couple of years, when you can keep up with the technology and the market much easier by using microservices?

Your solution

Quality code, extensive documentation, API-First, microservice architecture. With our open source headless ecommerce foundation you can remove complexity and dependencies out of monolithic commerce implementations.

Use only what you need and don’t carry the overhead of code and functionality which you don’t need!

Core Features

VELOX is the leading B2B open source headless ecommerce foundation for tailor-made microservice implementations.


Modern backoffice with easy access to dashboards and data.


UX optimised one page checkout.


Fast and flexible search based on elastic stack.


Automates operational task, deploy and manage applications


Reduces the risk of failure, increases the speed to market.

Swiss Hosting

Reliable swiss hosting, deploy yourself or by our partner.

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Let us show you first-hand the power of our open source headless ecommerce foundation in a personal demo.

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Interested, But have questions?

Despite personally answering all your questions, we also offer custom quotes and free demos.