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Would you like to digitize and automate your company efficiently and sustainably with just one application? Then we have the solution for you!

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Inefficient, complex and incomplete business processes can be found in almost every company. Communication between teams is made more difficult and the flow of information is not correct. This not only reduces competitiveness, but also turnover.

Your solution

With the ELO ECM Suite, we revolutionize your business processes - with just one software for your success. ELO enables smooth and seamless communication and you are always kept up to date with comments, activities and changes. Complex processes simply become efficient and your day-to-day work is made easier. Let's drive your success together - with a customizable user interface and an overview of all important functions. The digitalization of companies has never been so easy and we are your partner.

Your success with our DMS

We integrate your document management system (DMS) so that you can solve challenges efficiently and sustainably. What does the ELO Suite achieve for you with our strong team?


Our DMS can help to increase efficiency in your company by facilitating access to documents and reducing processing time.


With our document management system, you can ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Tracking documents and their changes is easier than ever.


You get a secure way to store and protect documents to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data.


The ELO ECM Suite offers you robust search functions so that your teams can find relevant documents quickly and easily.Time it takes for a new customer to configure and save his import format for future use.


Thanks to our document management, your teams can access and edit documents from anywhere and at any time. This not only increases your flexibility, but also your productivity.


With the ELO Suite, you can reduce the costs of managing paper documents in the long term and reduce your dependency on physical storage media and paper documents.

Discover the comprehensive
functions of ELO

Explore the variety of innovative document management features with ELO: from intelligent document capture to secure collaboration. Discover how ELO can increase your efficiency.

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Sly - your reliable partner

The digitalization of companies has never been easier and we are your partner.

Public sector

Many years of experience in public sector

Our ELO specialists know their way around the public administration sector. We work for the largest Swiss city and are very familiar with the needs and requirements of city and municipal administration.



We support you with the introduction of your ELO

Would you like to introduce an ELO or do you need an ELO partner for operation and further development? We look forward to working with you as partners. Let's talk about your needs today.


Custom development

ELO tailored to your needs

Would you like to work with ELO, but the standard version does not yet meet your needs? We would be happy to help you customize your ELO to your needs.


Process consulting and digitalization

Process consulting and digitalization

Digitize your processes with ELO. Our process specialists will be happy to develop the necessary workflows so that you can maximize the benefits of using ELO and get the most out of the digitization of your processes.



Integration of your systems via interfaces

Do you have systems in use that are not integrated by ELO as standard, but would like to integrate them? Or do you need support with the integration of an existing or new standard interface into your existing ELO installation? We have the experience to develop interfaces for almost all peripheral systems for you.



Hosting for your ELO


You can decide whether you want to host your ELO in a cloud or on premise on your own servers. We will be happy to advise and support you with the implementation. We have been operating on-premise applications for decades. If you opt for a cloud solution, we can offer you hosting on state-of-the-art infrastructure with Azure or AWS to guarantee you the best performance.


We are a certified ELO Business Partner


Our ELO specialists are in daily use for the largest Swiss city. We would be happy to share our experience with you in your next ELO project.


Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of integrations and interfaces in various peripheral systems as well as software architecture and solution consulting.

Increase your productivity
with the ELO ECM Suite

Contact us for a demo and discover the benefits of digital document management.


Frequent Questions

Find answers to the questions we get asked a lot.

How does it work?

  1. You integrate our SaaS software into your shop with only a few lines of code.

  2. The format of the first uploaded pdf or every user is analyzed and saved for future use.

  3. Your customers upload their PDF orders with lightning speed.

  4. The orders get automatically created in your shop system.

Which plan is right for me?

We will work with you to determine the optimal requirements for your order volumes Contact or email us at

How Do I Integrate this into my Online Shop?

We send you our integration guide and can assist your development team if wished. Your developers can easily integrate our tool with only a few lines of code.

Why is this so much cheaper than EDI or E-procurement?

You have zero integration costs, meaning you integrate it once and offer it to all your customers. No additional config or efforts needed. But the best of it all your customers can start using it right away, as they don't have to integrate/develop/setup anything!

How can you detect so many different order formats?

We implemented a "document-parser" and spiced it up with some artificial intelligence superpowers.

Still have questions? Contact us or email us at


What is Document Management?


Document management refers to the organization, storage and administration of electronic or physical documents in a company.

Why is Document Management important?


Document management is important to facilitate access to information, improve collaboration, ensure the security of documents and increase the efficiency of work processes.

What are the challenges of Document Management?


The challenges facing companies in times of digitalization include unstructured data storage, difficulties in finding documents, security risks and a lack of versioning controls.

What advantages does an electronic Document Management System (DMS) offer?


A DMS offers benefits such as improved efficiency, better organization, reduced paper costs, increased security and compliance, and faster search and access to information.

How can I improve my Document Management?


You can improve your Document Management by implementing an electronic DMS. This will optimize your processes and facilitate collaboration between teams. In addition, your employees can access relevant documents from anywhere and at any time.

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