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OPO Oeschger


Supplier of fittings and tools


OPO Oeschger


2016 - Present

Service Offered:

Consulting, Architecture

Initial Situation

OPO Oeschger AG, leading DACH retailer of furniture and kitchen fittings, door and construction fittings, glass and metal construction fittings, machines and tools, is looking for an experienced consultant to advise on the architecture and live operation of their webshop.


Assignment 1

First, Sly AG is contracted to conduct a risk assessment of the existing SAP Hybris platform as well as the development processes.

Assignment 2

Sly AG is contracted to provide support in the area of software architecture and technical consulting. In addition, the existing developer team will be supplemented by employees of Sly AG.


Result 1

Detailed report on the existing situation, risks and potential for improvement.

Result 2

Sly AG ensures a high level of efficiency of the development team and the platform's release capability, and helps to optimally satisfy customer needs thanks to its many years of experience in the development of B2B webshops. In addition, an increase in the performance and stability of the eCommerce platform is achieved.


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