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Sly Connect Reduces B2B Cart Abandonment

Sly Connect Reduces B2B Cart Abandonment

In a study conducted by ​​Splitit (2018), “Eighty-seven percent (87%) of online shoppers will abandon their carts during the checkout process if it is too long or too complicated”. Manual processes complicate checkout operations and general webshop carts. If this process is too complicated, corporate clients such as manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are at an even increased risk of cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment is a well-known issue in B2C and has a significant impact on the revenue and profitability of an online store. This issue also holds true in the B2B sector. It is crucial to streamline the ordering process and to ensure that desired products can be found easily. Otherwise, there is a risk of cart abandonment even in a B2B webshop, potentially leading the customer to seek out alternative suppliers.
Cart abandonment can also have a negative impact on your B2B clients' experience, as it can indicate that the add to cart process is not user-friendly or efficient. 

B2B clients need to get their customers to checkout. Their business depends on the step before a purchase order. B2B clients have less time to browse a webshop - they know what they want before they even get to your webshop. An efficient and effective service we call Sly Connect, saves B2B clients considerable time and effort because we know that B2B clients simply don’t have enough time! Faster order uploads directly to your B2B cart pages encourage efficient and even quicker checkout, which Sly Connect offers - a way to support your B2B clients with a quicker means to reach checkout.

Sly Connect easily reduces this complexity by using a fundamental feature to simplify cart and checkout process without the need to engage in tiresome procedures: order automation. With Sly Connect, orders generated in the customer  ERP can be imported and automatically processed after the initial upload. A wide range of document formats is supported, including PDF. After a one-time labeling, a single click is all it takes to generate the corresponding shopping cart.
With the Sly Connect Feature “Scanner integration” seamlessly incorporating the ordering process into production is possible. For instance, it enables the direct capture of products in the warehouse using a scanner, allowing for immediate orders to be placed through a direct connection of the scanner software  to the B2B shop at the workplace. Once transmitted, the products are showcased in the webshop and can be effortlessly transferred to the shopping cart with just a single click. This allows business-to-business clients to enhance their shopping experience. The tedious task of searching for the right product or manually entering product numbers and search texts is completely eliminated.

Sly Connect enables your B2B company to become more user-friendly by allowing you to streamline and automate the cart process. To address B2B cart abandonment, Sly Connect offers businesses the ability to simplify and enhance the B2B experience and build loyalty to your brand. To establish a long-lasting relationship with your B2B clients, simplify your B2B online selling process.

Are you ready to get started and reduce your B2B abandonment rate? 

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