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Software Development

Largest Swiss Retailer

Onsite Search

Preliminary study for the largest retail company in Switzerland - Site search and replacement GSA / CSS / CSE


Largest Swiss Retailer


2016 - Present

Service Offered:

Consulting, Software Development

Initial Situation

At the largest retail company in Switzerland, the search technology Google Search Appliance and Google Site Search from the US company Google Inc. are currently being used. The products are used in the company's own network to index the contents of the various websites and other pages offered on the Internet. Documents are kept in the index and search queries are answered.


The two products Google Search Appliance and Google Site Search are end-of-life and are to be replaced as soon as possible.

Sly AG is commissioned with a preliminary study for the evaluation of a company-wide search engine, which is to be used in all consumer areas and across numerous platforms from April 2018. Technical requirements for integration and implementation in the system environment, interfaces and hardware within the defined system architecture must be investigated and evaluated. The evaluated search engine must be able to index data from diverse sources. In order to evaluate a promising solution, all relevant stakeholders must be involved, both internally and externally.


After the assessment of the current situation, the technical and functional requirements for the immediate replacement as well as the future needs are clarified.The existing processes for implementation, data maintenance and structuring of content used for search processing are analysed in detail. In a detailed evaluation scheme, all defined functional and non-functional requirements are checked and evaluated for fulfilment of target and utility value. On the occasion of the evaluation, various commercial as well as open source solutions are considered and examined for their suitability, costs and, above all, future viability. As a result of the preliminary study, solution variants with the top three candidates from the evaluation as well as a target architecture will be presented to the client as a basis for decision-making. Sly AG will also continue to be available in an advisory capacity during the introduction and continuous optimisation of the new search engine.


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