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Software Development

Ferax Treuhand AG


Cloudbasierte Prüfungssoftware für ordentliche und eingeschränkte Revisionen. Entwickelt von Wirtschaftsprüfern für Wirtschaftsprüfer.


Ferax Treuhand AG // FINAX BERATUNG AG


2018 - Today

Service Offered:

Software Architecture, Software Development

Initial Situation

Ferax Treuhand developed a tailor-made web application to plan and document their audits. The software was very successful and helped to standardize the audit process and documentation.


Because of the positive feedback and the request from other audit specialists to use it as well, Ferax decided to rebrand the internal software to claudit and make it flexibel enough to offer it as a Software-as-a-Service solution. 


Sly provided the architecture as well as the man-power to implement this big shift. Sly is proud to provide Ferax with developing power for multiple years now to keep improving claudit and adding new features every season.


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