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how we work

a simple process

With over 25 years of experience in B2B ecommerce development, we're ready to introduce the benefits of "headless" ecommerce using microservices in your webshop.

step 1


Your ecommerce strategy begins somewhere!

Whether you're a start-up or an established company looking for an ecommerce solution, we would be more than happy to put you in the right path with our evaluation.

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A scalable application is critical for a growing company. Do you need scalable solutions and performance improvements? Get in touch anytime for an evaluation.

Remove the clutter and contradictions of your ecommerce architecture. Consult with us to get a feedback to minimise complications that affect your webshops performance.

step 3


Nothing is fool-proof, so consistent and constant improvement and optimisations are necessary.

How much more improvement is left? What else can simplify your infrastructure? We review the implementations we've conducted together and set new objectives to further develop your ecommerce strategy.


we are experts in Ecommerce

We are your Swiss Partners in ecommerce solutions, development, and consulting. Let's take our collaboration to the next level with "headless" ecommerce!

Ecommerce Consulting

Our 25 years of experience is to your advantage. We want to consult you and provide you insights that will lead you on the right path.

Ecommerce solutions

We will tailor a solution that effectively delivers reliable services to your customers. We create a strategic ecommerce solution together.

Ecommerce search

Search is an integral part of your ecommerce solution. We provide consulting and support to help you optimise your search applications.

Ecommerce Development

Skilled developers work with Sly to engineer the perfect ecommerce application for your needs. We adhere to standards and best practises.

Ecommerce Operations

Know your ecommerce environment with our monitoring installations. We configure and teach you how you can react to a performance breach.

Ecommerce marketing

Synergize your ecommerce solution with online marketing. We evaluate your SEO/SEM/SMO/SEA strategy and provide ways you can improve.

Ecommerce environments are able to communicate with each other using simplified microservice applications that are performant and scalable.

Building a "headless" application that serves your needs does not have to be complicated, or bloated. With microservices we can take applications individually and quickly diagnose where they are failing, or lacking in performance.

Complex ecommerce environments require simple solutions so we can detect areas in need of improvement as quickly as we can create those services. Let's get started!

René Hämmerli, SENIor software architect


We provide consulting, operational, and software development support and collaboration. Below is a dossier of our work thus far. More coming soon!


Partner Pack

Over the years we developed a strong network of trustworthy partners.

Let's get started!

frequently asked questions

Unsure how to proceed? Curious about microservices and their benefit in your company? Below are a few questions we've encountered and how we can help.

What does "headless" ecommerce mean?

"Headless" ecommerce is a designation given to the new standard of developing ecommerce applications and environments. Previously, ecommerce applications were built using monolithic frameworks who could not be detached. It was difficult to find out the source of complex issues. Since the shift to "headless" ecommerce, we have been able to detach components and observe their performance in isolation and together in the whole framework(s). Headless ecommerce is the designation given to an ecommerce architecture that separates both the front-end and backend layers.

A headless eCommerce architecture separates the content presentation layer (content and experience management systems) from the business logic and functional layer (existing eCommerce stack, integration, and commerce management). This type of architecture supports an eCommerce platform that has no “head.” This allows more room for flexibility, enables customization, provides personalized shopping experiences, and creates freedom for growth. (Ani Pandit, Mulesoft 2017)

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can benefit from a "headless" ecommerce architecture. Contact us here.

What are microservices?

We use microservices to implement your headless ecommerce platform. A microservice architecture uses a set of separate, yet coupled, applications and services so that they collaborate in event-driven architecture. Each service implements their own designated function and communicate with each other using protocols such as HTTP/REST APIs. Each service is its own application and can be deployed, and released to production independently without system downtime.

Microservice architecture corresponds very well with a DevOPs organisational mentality, and can be made increasingly efficient using SAFe agile principles applied throughout your entire organisation. As the leading approach, microservices can improve your ecommerce application in its entirety.

How can Sly help me to implement "headless ecommerce"?

Microservices have their own inherent complications and we help you see through them. After our initial consultations, we will have devised a strategy for implementing microservices in your ecommerce platform. You can decide how much you want Sly to assist you in this implementation: we have our specialised microservice software developers that can support your in-house engineers. With this, we can safely and securely implement a headless ecommerce platform.

We must identify and partition those microservice applications that are needed for your ecommerce platform, where they will be in the architecture and what purpose they will serve. Additionally, identifying a monitoring application will be essential to improve performance and reduce latency between applications. We also need to implement and test the deployment of these microservice applications we've developed together.

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